If you've been following the nonsense around Area 51, it might come as a surprise to you to know that some people you probably respect are excited about the whole thing.

Among them is none other than Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters - which is itself a reference to ufology. Grohl himself is an avowed ufologist, to the point that he actually recorded a live album in Roswell in 2005, during the promotional tour for 'In Your Honor'.

The album itself is essentially seven live tracks, including hits such as 'Monkey Wrench', 'In Your Honor', 'Stacked Actors' and so on played at the Walker Air Force Base in Roswell, Nevada.

Roswell has itself been associated with aliens and ufology since 1947, when an alleged crash of a UFO took place in the sleepy rural town. Since then, Area 51 and the secrecy surrounding the US Air Force's base has meant that it's become connected with just about every kind of conspiracy theory you can think of.

The supposed raid of Area 51 that was meant to happen this weekend didn't materialise, with about 50 to 75 people turning up at the gates of the military base with placards and the like, but no Naruto runs or the like.

Well, maybe one.