Although the Facebook event itself had hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of potential attendees, just around 75 people actually turned up at Area 51 with the intention of storming the place.

The Facebook event, which went viral on Facebook some months ago, eventually warped into AlienStock, which was itself something of a non-event. Going by various reports from Nevada, only around 500 people turned up at AlienStock, with an offshoot of that number arriving at the gates of Area 51.

Of course, the US government was taking the whole thing very seriously, to the point of actually closing airspace for "special security reasons" for the night in question. Security is already tight around Area 51 as it is, with a number of people arrested in the days leading up to the event.

The original event called for people to charge at the gates of the base - Naruto-run style - while attempting to free supposed aliens inside. Of course, the reality is that Area 51 is, was, and always has been a research base for the US Air Force where some of the most highly-advanced aviation technology in the world is being guarded.

Speaking of which, this video from local ABC Action 13 News shows one attendee at Area 51 trying out the Naruto-run.

Surprisingly, however, US President and noted conspiracy theorist Donald Trump has not commented on the Facebook event or the security measures taken to stop people storming Area 51.

Considering how he seems to jump at the chance to talk about stupid sh*t all the time, you'd imagine this would have been right up his alley. The really funny thing is that had Hillary Clinton been elected, she personally vowed to her campaign chairman and former White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta, to open files on Area 51.

Podesta, who is an avowed ufologist, apparently hounded Clinton to declassify Area 51 files, provided they weren't a threat to national security.

Until then, brave souls like that guy running behind a remote segment for a local news station are going to have to keep the fire burning.