Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

2023 Action/Adventure

Finding himself in a new era, and approaching retirement, Indy wrestles with fitting into a world that seems to have outgrown him. But as the tentacles of an all-too-familiar evil return in the form of an old rival, Indy must don his hat and pick up his whip once more to make sure an ancient and powerful artifact doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Our Review

by Brian Lloyd
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'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny' rounds out the series in rip-roaring fashion

On his last day as professor of archaeology, Dr. Henry Jones Jr. (Harrison Ford) is visited by his goddaughter, Helen Shaw (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) with a proposal - help her find a long-lost dial belonging to Archimedes of Syracuse that could point the way to openings in time. There's just one problem - a NASA scientist who was once a Nazi physicist (Mads Mikkelsen) is on the hunt for the same dial, with plans of his own and the knowledge of how to use the dial...

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