Ugh. Right so.

The wealth of news trickling out of this year's CinemaCon is enough to make your head spin, but one interesting glimmer of news concerning Indiana Jones 5 - or V - has us pretty well-worked up. In a wide-ranging talk that covered his start in the business all the way up to future plans, producer Frank Marshall confirmed that no-one will replace Harrison Ford as Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. and they're "not doing the Bond thing."

As well as this, Marshall also confirmed that David Koepp is currently working on the screenplay and - this is the part that has us bothered - that Indiana Jones 5 will continue on from where Crystal Skull left off. Great. Fantastic. Wonderful. Super terrific job, you guys.

Pretty much everyone wants to forget that Crystal Skull happened. Fans of Indiana Jones (read: everyone) basically came together and convinced one another that Crystal Skull didn't happen and that the series ended with Last Crusade. So, there's that. Not only that, bringing back David Koepp - who wrote Crystal Skull and worked off the outlines laid by Frank Darabont and a few others - is a pretty terrible move.

Why? Well, for one, Crystal Skull. Secondly, Lawrence Kasdan is evidently back working again and he wrote Raiders Of The Lost Ark - the best of the trilogy, by the way. In fact, he and JJ Abrams worked on The Force Awakens script with Michael Arndt and he's also working on the Han Solo standalone movie. So why not give him a crack instead of passing it to the guy who directed / wrote Ghost Town?

As well as this, continuing on from Crystal Skull is a giant misstep. For one thing, Crystal Skull more or less left the story on an end. Jones got married and Shia LaBeouf still existed at the end of the film. There's no way they can move on from Crystal Skull without addressing LaBeouf's character - unless the film opens with his funeral or something.

Chris Pratt, as we know, has long been linked to the role and if Jurassic World is anything to go by, he's more than suited to take over the role. So why not give him a crack at it? Why not explore that somewhat creepy relationship that was hinted at in Raiders Of The Lost Ark?

Better yet, let's see what Henry Jones, Sr. was like as a young archaeologist and see if he was as prone to accidents and the like as Henry Jones, Jr.

Simply put, there's any number of directions the story can go in - but following Crystal Skull? Big mistake. Huge.


Via Variety