Surprisingly, the new trailer features less Mario and more of the other characters - and we're kind of digging it.

We don't want to say that Nintendo has done one of the most iconic video game characters dirty but... that's what we're seeing. The new trailer for 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' dropped yesterday evening and features more of the voice cast of the animated film, including Princess Peach.

And Koopa, Peach is not serving damsel in distress in this film - no ma'am. Anya Taylor-Joy's take on the princess in another castle is more in-line with her personality from 'Mart Kart' - fearless and ready to take on the big bad antagonist, Bowser (voiced by Jack Black).

Donkey Kong (voiced by Seth Rogen) also shows up in the trailer to re-enact a scene from his classic arcade game from 1981. His character, like many of the Nintendo players, has been given a fresh design for the film. It's all in the eyes.

The new 'Super Mario Bros. Movie' trailer was showcased during a special and very brief Nintendo Direct presentation, which was led by original 'Super Mario Bros.' game developer Shigeru Miyamoto.

Here's the new footage, which shows off a classic 'Mario Kart' course - Rainbow Road.

And now onto the Chris Pratt of it all. Although fans cannot wait to see the film in action (just look at how pretty it all looks!), we're still having difficulty with Pratt being the voice of such a heroic figure in video gaming.

Dubbed versions of Mario from different territories are doing the rounds once again - which happened when the first trailer was released in October. For us, the French version is top-class. Just listen to that "Wa-hoo!"

'The Super Maro Bros. Movie' hits cinemas April, 2023.