Rogen appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night to tell the tale of his escapades at the Adele concert, which he belatedly found out was being filmed for a TV special.

Fallon started off by saying, "a few weeks ago I was watching, everyone was watching, the big Adele concert. And who do I see in the front row? Seth Rogen."

Rogen replied, "yeah I was there, I was in the front row of the Adele concert. And that is about as surprising to me as anyone. I had no idea I was attending the taping of an Adele TV special at all"

The actor went on to say he thought he was being invited to a "small Adele concert"

"It's an Adele concert, it's in the park, we smoked a tonne of weed."

Upon him and his wife's arrival, however, the penny started to drop. "We pull up and we see camera cranes, there's drones flying around, there's an entire crew there. I'm like 'Oh no, we are at the filming of a television special, I think.'"

The thought occurred to him that "maybe it's not that big of a television special' and then the first person I see is Oprah Winfrey."

Things got worse when their plans to "just kind of slink into the background" were foiled by their seating arrangments.

"So, we go up to the desk and they give us our tickets and our seat numbers are literally 1A and 1B. And I'm like 'Oh no, that sounds close!'"

"We're as close as you can fathomably be. I sit down and there's a camera literally pointed at my face."

Rogen seemed fairly confused as to why he was in the front row, "There's no world where I should be in front of Drake. I could just feel his eyes drilling into the back of me, like 'why am I in 3R and he's in 1A?'"

"The whole time I was like 'just try to look cool'. I feel Leonardo DiCaprio behind me thinking 'Did Seth Rogen write 'Rolling in the Deep'? Is that why he's there?"

"I was playing the role of an undistracted, cool, normal guy just trying to enjoy an Adele concert."

After the story, Fallon showed some short clips of Rogen at the concert and, to be honest, he absolutely pulled it off. This definitely wasn't his first rodeo. But maybe his last Adele concert.

You can watch the full video below: