The controversial Virginian rapper took time away from writing diss tracks to deliver the aggressive rendition.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week you’ll know that Pusha T and Drake have been involved in a nasty feud that saw them exchanging insults via social media and diss tracks.

It turns out Pusha T has a new album (coincidence?) that he’s promoting and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to do just that.

The cover of his ‘Daytona’ album depicts Whitney Houston’s drug strewn bathroom which her family were not pleased about.

The Kimmel performance featured a menacing dark stage with blue and red lights flashing on his face. Images of violence and religion appear on a screen behind him and eventually turn into a sinister looking eye.

Whatever your thoughts are on his shenanigans this week, this is a powerful performance. Watch it here:

Via: YouTube