Yewande Biala has given her first interview since leaving the 'Love Island' villa.

Yewande was one of the original twelve contestants on the series. She exited 'Love Island' after Danny chose Arabella in the recoupling.

Danny's decision provoked a strong reaction from Love Islanders Amber and Anna.

Yewande has now opened up for the first time since being dumped from the island.

Speaking to The Sun, she spoke about believing "it is hard to hard to find love in the villa."

She said: "You are thrown in with people you don’t know from different areas, from different parts of the world, and it’s hard to get to know people.

"I don’t think the question is, ‘Is it hard as a black woman to find love in the villa’? It’s such a different environment. If we put race aside, it is hard to find love."

She also spoke about being dumped by Danny but finding she was ultimately happy that she went the way she did:

"It was really hard to stay and watch the person you like crack on with someone else but I came for an experience and to meet someone.

"Giving up, I would have let myself down. Unfortunately I was dumped but I was really happy I didn’t walk."


Yewande also talked about recognising things in her relationship with Danny that she's experienced in prior relationships, explaining:

"Some of the things he was saying — I’ve heard it all before from a past relationship.

"The Danny situation did trigger me a lot more as I feel it’s a reoccurring issue in my love life, that there’s a third party always involved. That’s why I was so hurt about what happened."

As for the future she's "not going to get back on the dating scene straight away," feeling "that would be  a bad move". She said: "I need to take some time out for myself and heal from the situation."