To be fair, she should have got a bigger homecoming than this.

Perhaps they're saving the ticker-tape parade for when she arrives back in Ireland, but Yewande has been spotted making her way back to the UK after being ejected from the 'Love Island' villa.

The Irish woman was met by friends and family - and surprised by her mum - at Gatwick Airport, and has since posted a message to fans thanking them for their support.

"Hey guys I'm baaaackk!", she wrote on her Instagram story. "What an emotional rollercoaster. My experience in the villa was cut short but was amazing regardless and has made me a stronger woman. I had my highest highs and my lowest lows.

"I met the most amazing people and made the most amazing memories. The love and support has been so overwhelming. This journey would not have been the same without every single one of you! I love you all from the bottom of my heart. The best is yet to come. Yewande x"

Yewande also shared the message on Twitter:

Last night's episode saw a lot of tension in the villa following her departure, as Danny, Anna Amber were at loggerheads over his decision to choose Arabella.

It continues tonight at 9pm.