Danny. Danny, Danny, Danny. Oh, Danny. You fool.

It's not just us who thinks that Danny's decision on 'Love Island' is going to come back and bite him on the arse - the majority of 'Love Island' fans on Twitter were facepalming at their TVs last night.

Danny's decision to choose newcomer Arabella (or whatever her name is) over Dubliner Yewande was met with serious bafflement (and upset) from his fellow islanders, too. Meanwhile, viewers were confused after his recoupling speech mentioned how he had connected with his choice on an 'intellectual level'. Right, so.

The majority of last night's episode was taken up with Maura and Tom's drama (which was suspiciously wrapped up a little too neatly for our liking...), but all Twitter could talk about was how Yewande had been cheated.

If the teaser for tonight is anything to go by, however, Amber has a LOT to say on the matter...