If you were unable to cope with Tommy's inability to pour boiling water into a cup, look away now. This might push you over the edge.

It was bad enough that the 'Love Island' boxer didn't know how to make a cup of tea or an omelette - literally one of the easiest dishes in the world to master. His culinary failings, however, were brought to the fore once again last night.

Tommy was chosen by Maura to make the starter of her three-course meal, and you could see the sheer panic setting in as soon as his phone beeped with the notifying text. He admitted that his mum cooked everything for him (which, at the age of 20, is kind of pathetic), so we're surprised that he actually knew what a starter even was.

Or perhaps he didn't, given that what he ended up serving to Maura - a slice of cheese on dry sliced pan, topped with mayonnaise and ketchup - was not what you might expect of someone with any basic understanding of food. Or, indeed, anyone with the taste buds of a grown-up.

In fairness, Maura didn't seem to mind as she admitted to fellow newbie Elma that he gave her 'fanny flutters' and that she wished "he'd eat me". She'd be having more than fanny flutters if she ate that... thing.

Everyone else was not as forgiving.

Tommy's dessert for Elma has yet to be revealed, so it's worth tuning in to tonight's episode to see what he comes up with. It's going to be squirty cream and chocolate sauce on a plate. You know it is.