You might normally say something along the lines of 'I blame the mother' in a situation like this, but no - this one is all on Tommy Fury himself.

Last night's episode of 'Love Island' wasn't a particularly exciting affair, it has to be said. However, it did have some entertaining moments, mostly related to the boxer and his apparent inability to, y'know, adult.

Once Tommy got wind of Anton's interest in Mollie-Mae, a cook-off of-sorts began between the pair in a bid to win her affection. When Anton began making cups of peppermint tea for her, Tommy decided that he was going to do the same. There was only one problem: at the ripe old age of 20, he didn't know how to make a cup of tea.

Not one to be deterred, Tommy then decided to up his game and make breakfast for Mollie-Mae the following morning. On the menu: an omelette. There was just one problem, though: he didn't know how to make an omelette, either. Luckily, Curtis was on hand to help (i.e. make it for him).

Aside from his culinary shortcomings, Tommy at least inadvertently provided some entertainment in the form of some classic lines. One of them was how annoyed he was at getting stuck in love triangles in the villa, and how it made him HATE TRIANGLES SO MUCH, AAAAARGH!


In short: mammies, teach your boys to cook, or they might end up like Tommy Fury.