It's nice to see that Will Ferrell, like the rest of us, has leaned into letting himself go a bit while in lockdown.

Sure, Will Ferrell might look like he just stumbled out of bed to record this advert - but that makes it even more relatable. Oh, and he's also very pissed that Norway is better at having electric cars on the road than the US is.

With Super Bowl LV this Sunday (with The Weeknd as the musical interval act), the usual high-quality adverts have begun to be released ahead of kick-off.

It's important to note that not as many adverts have been made this year - mostly down to companies refusing to fork out millions of dollars for an advert slot. Still, a few have surfaced, including a rather strange 2-D Matthew McConaughey Doritos advert.

In this expensive General Motors advert, we see Will Ferrell embark on a journey to Norway in order to "CRUSH THEM" for being ahead of the electric car game.

But Ferrell needs some help apparently, and so he enlists Kenan Thompson  - dressed like a pirate - and Awkwafina - who is dabbling in archery - to journey to the Scandinavian country.

However, not everything goes as planned, and well, Americans aren't great with their geography are they?

Here's the advert for your enjoyment.