Geography can sometimes be a tricky subject for people, and often relies on memory which isn't always the best as you get older.

That being said, you'd imagine that if you showed someone a map of the world, they could probably point to at least one or two countries on the map apart from their own. That's just... basic education, right? Pretty simple, no? As it turns out, no. That's not the case at all.

This whole segment on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' came about when Republican Senator Ted Cruz posted a video of a segment on the show from a few years ago where people were asked to name a country on a map. Cruz's tweet claimed that the video was indicative of the support base for Bernie Sanders, the Democrat frontrunner for the presidential nomination. Essentially, they were young and stupid because socialism. Or something.

Here's the tweet that Kimmel references in the video.

Of course, what Ted Cruz's tweet failed to point out was that the video was from several years ago, never identified any of the people in the video as Democrats or even Bernie Sanders supporters, and Ted Cruz's whole thing about "facts, truth and substance" in the tweet was utter horseshit.

So, how do you match that? You go out and you ask people to point to a country, any country and ask them if they're Republican or Democrat. The results? In a nutshell, they are terrifying. Obviously, we don't want to tar all Republican voters with the same brush, but they're clearly dumbasses who are so fucking stupid that they think the USSR is still a thing. Ergo, voting for Donald Trump makes complete sense after watching this video.

Take a look and be afraid.