A new commercial for Doritos 3D has dropped and it's mildly horrifying.

The ad sees Matthew McConaughey entrapped in a two-dimensional form until he tries the new Doritos product.

The actor struggles with everyday tasks like brushing his teeth, playing American football (since the ad arrives ahead of Super Bowl LV) and get a coffee order.

His flattened form (referred to as "Flat Matthew", which has even inspired its own hashtag) means he almost gets sucked up by a robotic vacuum cleaner. While out on a walk during a storm, he nearly gets blown away.

McConaughey also makes an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel alongside a baffled Mindy Kaling. He gets teased about life being flat ("Did you drive here? Or did you travel by fax?" Kimmel asks).

I mean you have to admit, the CGI effects are decent.

They're just creepy looking.

In the end, the regular old three-dimensional Matt we know and love emerges. He's just stuck inside a vending machine now.

Check out the minute-long ad below.

The Super Bowl commercials and performances are among the most anticipated TV around the globe (you can watch them after they air via Youtube and we'll share the best in site).

This year's sports event takes place on Sunday, February 7th.