It's been all but confirmed there will be no 'Love Island' Christmas reunion episode this year because the show's crew is now focusing all their attention on the inaugural 'Winter Love Island'. You may be wondering when exactly that will kick-off and while we don't have the official date yet, here's what we do know.

A source told the Mail Online recently, "The new 'Winter Love Island' will launch the second week of January. Bosses are still deciding on the final date but it is thought to be January 8, a week after staff arrive in South Africa."

The main 'Love Island' show normally starts and finishes on a Monday night. As January 8th is a Wednesday, it's likely the final will be on a Wednesday night too.

'Winter Love Island' also won't run quite as long as the summer version. It's been decided it will go on for 6 weeks rather than the usual 8. The main 'Love Island' show also ran for 6 weeks until the 2018 series when it was extended by a fortnight.

Given the time of year, 'Winter Love Island' will change location from Majorca to South Africa, with host Caroline Flack already jetting in for a look around at the new set.

The crew will be all be jetting into South Africa on January 1st with the new islanders following soon after. A lot of the cast have already been picked but applications remain open until 30th November 2019.

To apply, click here.


*Update: The official start date has been announced! It's a few days later than above but that's to be expected with all that's happened with Caroline Flack. The new series will kick off on Sunday, January 12th.