He's tried his hand at bringing the weather to his loyal subjects (Ok, the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy so they're not technically subjects but y'know...) and now Prince Charles has proven that he's rather versatile when it comes to televisual roles, by tackling one of Doctor Who's most infamous villains.

The Prince of Wales and his missus, the Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla, as we like to call her round these parts) were taking a tour of the show's Cardiff set when Nicholas Briggs, the man who usually lends his vocal chords to the creatures, challenged good old Charles to give it a go.

Sure you never know lads, at this rate bonny Prince Charlie could be a shoe in to replace Matt Smith, eh? Although he isn't female, black, or gay, and we all known the Queen herself (the wonderful Dame Helen Mirren) has decreed that the next Doctor should be.

There's still no word on that front by the way, so who knows how long we'll be waiting to find out who's taking over the Tardis. Doctor Who returns to BBC One for a 50th Anniversary special on Saturday, November 23rd.