We just knew that as soon as the words "Feng Shui" were uttered, the couple on last night's 'Room to Improve' didn't stand a chance with the Twitter crowd.

In fairness to pilot Tom and Feng Shui consultant Claudia, who were doing up their house in Tramore with one of the most beautiful sea views you could imagine, they had a vision and... they stuck to it (as the 'Room to Improve' voiceover politely put it).

The couple caused a fair bit of grief for Dermot, though, as they asked for several redesigns and various extras like a garage and a deck. Not to mention Claudia's 'geopathic stress paint' faux-pas with the floors.

We all know, however, that Incredulous Dermot is one of the most entertaining parts of the whole show.

They did get an amazing house at the end, however, and that's all that matters.

Here's how Twitter reacted...