There's nothing like someone wanting to spend €11,500 on a bath to bring out the begrudgery in you.

Last night's 'Room to Improve' sent the nation into a collective conniption fit as Wicklow couple Frances and Nigel enlisted Dermot to renovate the 1990s bungalow they share with their five kids - with a hefty budget of €450,000, no less.

Dermot's plans were well-received, but when he arrived on site to find that quantity surveyor Claire had been asked to choose the colour of the windows over him, he wasn't a happy bunny. Then he saw that Frances had instructed the builder to put a bike shed smack bang in the middle of the garden view, and he was even more miffed. See, Dermot? A big budget can't always buy you happiness.

And as for that bath... we're still not over it. €11,500 on a bath, lads. In their bedroom. Peak notions. Claire was right when she told Dermot that he needed to talk sense into them, but it was ultimately to no avail.

On the other hand, it's their money and they're entitled to spend it how they want, yadda yadda yadda...