The new season of 'Room to Improve' is in full swing on Sunday nights on RTÉ One and with it is the excellent running commentary on Twitter. The main trending topic over last night's show was the budget, which was a huge amount to begin with but somehow Dermot managed to go over it.

The featured house on this week's 'Room to Improve' was a detached 1950s two-bedroom property in Rathfarnham in Dublin which owners Yvonne and Adrian bought for the princely sum of €530,000. The house was in need of a massive restoration and the couple had an impressive budget of €280,000 to do so.

Even with all that money though, they went over budget. A whole €110,00 over budget.

In fairness the end result was incredible, but then it always is on 'Room to Improve'.

Now to try found €800,000 under the couch...