Seeing as how we're all stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, watching TV together through the medium of Twitter and Instagram is pretty common.

With 'Twin Peaks' approaching its 30th anniversary this coming Wednesday, none other than Kyle MacLachlan himself is hosting a watch party. What's more, Special Agent Cooper wants to know what episode to watch and is looking for suggestions.

Here's the video.

Right away, our suggestion has got to be the feature-length pilot because not only does it perfectly encapsulate the utter weirdness of 'Twin Peaks', it's also as close to perfect an episode in the series - and we're including the most recent season, too.

It had it all, the incredible music, the fresh-eyed earnestness in Dale Cooper, the slithering violence underneath, the eeriness of the mountains, all of it. It was all there, fresh and ready, in that one episode. Sure, later episodes might have had their moments, not to mention the Log Lady coming into it more, and who could forget oddball characters like Special Agent Albert Rosenfield.

Not only that, seeing as how TV recap podcasts are becoming and more common, who wouldn't love a 'Twin Peaks' podcast with Kyle MacLachlan and somebody else from the show? Maybe get Madchen Amick or even David Lynch to co-host the thing?

Anyway, the 30th annviersary is this Wednesday, so keep an eye on Kyle MacLachlan's Twitter. Better yet, just follow him because he's a delight.