'Game Of Thrones' is now officially over, and there's even a wrap party to prove it.

Photos came in over social media over the weekend of the wrap party in Belfast, showing the likes of Kit Harrington, Emilia Clarke, David Benioff and DB Weiss, Iain Glen and a few interlopers at the party. Jamie Dornan was sighted in nearby Holywood, whilst Tony Hawk - yes, skating legend Tony Hawk - was in Belfast visiting the set and was understood to have paid a visit to the party. Newlywed Kit Harrington was only on hand for a little spot of DJing, as well.

Music on the night was provided by Snow Patrol and a drumline as the partygoers entered the building, but one particular bit of perhaps spoiler information was from a light-show on the night. One eagle-eyed fan clocked a new sigil - that of a three-headed dragon with a direwolf at its centre - on the walls of the party, which has people thinking it could well be the new sigil for Jon Snow / Aegon Targarayen's house. 

Meanwhile, no air date has been confirmed as of yet for Season 8 beyond the vague understanding that it'll be some time in 2019. Obviously, while filming may have finished on the show, there's still the matter of the expensive post-production, CGI, editing, music and everything else so there's a long way to go before the finished product.

Still though, kind of odd to think that it's finally over - until the prequel spinoff series, that is.