The very first Love Island Christmas Reunion took place last night as a load of former villa residents gathered together in an English country manor to relive their summer memories.

Yes, we had forgotten some of them even existed but within about five minutes we were sucked into the (likely heavily scripted) drama. There was a lot of exes chats to contend with, mainly between Ellie and Charlie, and Georgia and Sam, but a few couples are still together including Jack and Dani (this was filmed before their little breakup blip), Wes and Megan, Alex and Zara, and Josh and Kaz, although Josh was missing from proceedings as he was in the U.S.

Also in attendance were Laura, Paul, Samira, Dr Alex, Alexandra, Kendall, Hayley and Eyal, with sparks flying between Kendall and Eyal.

As you could predict, Twitter lit up while the show was on, with folks lashing out at Charlie and Georgia's loyalty being thrown into question once more.

Our tweet of the night however is....