Considering how 'The Apprentice' is directly responsible for Donald Trump's presidency, it's kind of hard to talk about any off-shoot of the TV show and not automatically feel a burning sensation in the back of your head.

Still, let's suffer through it anyway and talk about Pamela Laird, the Irish contestant on this season of BBC's 'The Apprentice'. Pamela runs the beauty brand, Moxi Loves, which we're told is stocked in Penneys, which makes you wonder why she even needs to go on 'The Apprentice' in the first place. Free promotion, maybe? Who knows.

Anyway, Pamela was also on RTÉ's 'Dragon's Den' and was about to sign a deal with them before another investor swooped in and made her a better offer. Laird made the announcement on her own Instagram, saying that she hopes she'll have "the luck of the Irish", which anyone who reads history will tell you is basically non-existent.

Especially when it comes to dealing with English people.

If Pamela is successful on BBC's 'The Apprentice', she'll take home a cool £500,000 investment in their business - which, depending on how Brexit goes and how the value of the pound keeps going up and down, could actually end up being worthless. Let's hope not, for her sake.

'The Apprentice' begins on BBC One next Wednesday, October 2nd, at 9PM.