Take a minute and step back, and just bask in that crazy as s**t headline.

Donald Trump, the guy with the silly hair from 'Home Alone 2' and that reality TV show, is now the leader of the free world and he's using his social media account to battle with Debra Messing from 'Will & Grace'. We don't live in the darkest timeline, folks, we live in the dumbest timeline.

When he's not trying to buy islands from other countries or denying saying something that there's actual audio evidence of, Donald Trump is beefing with the cast of a recently-revived TV sitcom that used to be on the same network as his garbage reality TV show. The whole thing kicked off when a story by THR was retweeted by Debra Messing and Eric McCormack of 'Will & Grace'.

The story was about a glitzy fundraiser in Beverly Hills for Donald Trump's reelection campaign, which Messing and McCormack retweeted and saying they should publish the name of attendees - so that people in Hollywood know not to work with them. Trump's totally normal response to this was to tweet that he remembers a halcyon time when he and Messing were both TV personalities, and how Trump helped "NBC's failed lineup greatly."

The gas part about all of this is that he's doing this in the middle of a Category 5 Hurricane, another mass shooting - in Texas, this time, and a worsening climate crisis that is actively contributing to hurricanes and extreme weather across the globe that's being hastened by his complete disregard for the concerns of scientists and climatologists who have drawn clear, irrefutable links between pollution and the weather.

All this is on his plate, and he decides to fight with a sitcom actor who wanted to know who was attending his fundraiser, so she could make sure she doesn't work with anyone who attends it.

We get the world we deserve.