Anyone with a functioning brain will tell you that Donald Trump isn't a smart person.

In fact, you can look back over his "achievements" to date that will confirm this, but his latest blunder is up there with some of the choicest examples of how utterly incompetent and baffling stupid he is.

Before he arrives on this side of the Atlantic, the former 'Apprentice' host talked to The Sun wherein he described Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and former star of 'Suits', as "nasty" after they brought up how she planned to move to Canada if he was elected, and described him as misogynist. As we all know, she ended up joining British royalty instead.

Anyway, quelle surprise that Trump and his coterie of equally dumbass handlers called out the media for misconstruing his words. In order to combat this, the 'Official Trump War Room' account then posted audio of the interview with subtitles. Here's that tweet.

Now, if you just watched the video without audio, you'll note that the subtitles made no mention of Trump saying the words, "I didn't know she was nasty," which is the quote that's rankled everyone. Go ahead and click on the audio of that same video and you'll actually hear him say it.

There's stupid, and the there's this kind of stupid. Well done to Donald Trump's political handlers and social media minions for giving everyone a good laugh on this Bank Holiday weekend, and enjoy Doonbeg while you're at it.