'Spitting Image', for anyone under the age of 30, was a satirical television show that caricatured politicians, actors, musicians and just about anyone who crossed its path with merciless precision.

The show was revolutionary at the time for its complete lack of respect for anyone in power, and was widely hailed for ruining political careers with its take-offs of the likes of John Major, who was permanently painted grey the entire time.

For years, audiences have been crying out for a comeback of 'Spitting Image' and it looks like it's finally going to happen. Speaking to The Guardian, 'Spitting Image' co-creator Roger Law confirmed the show is to return to TV screens in the near future.

"It’s pretty chaotic out there. As far as I’m concerned, it’s better than shouting at the television set, isn’t it? So I thought, let’s give it a go," Law explained. Not only that, Law pointed out that while the '80s incarnation of 'Spitting Image' focused on UK politics, this time around, it's aiming itself at the heart of the world's chaos - America.

"If you’re going to go after the bastards, you may as well go after the biggest bastards there are, hence America. It’s an awful lot of trouble to go to, and you want it to be effective," said Law. "I’ve heard other satirists say that he’s un-satirisable because he’s a satire in himself. Well, with puppets you can go much, much further, because actors won’t do that for you. And by Christ, we are going to give it a go."

The show, which is being produced by Avalon, the same company behind HBO's 'Last Week Tonight' with John Oliver and Sharon Horgan's 'Catastrophe', is being aimed at US audiences and is currently being shopped to TV studios.

Here's a clip from the final episode of 'Spitting Image', with Tony Blair's election as Prime Minister.