Jason, man, you have to stop doing this to us. The rumour mill can't take much more of your Irish escapades.

We all know that the Jason Momoa is a BIG fan of Guinness, but in recent days the actor (and former(?) 'Game of Thrones' star) has been spotted downing pint after pint of the black stuff on local soil.

No big deal, there - apart from the fact that his drinking buddies have included GOT showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, as well as hanging around the Guinness storehouse.

He posted the picture to his Instagram account yesterday with the caption: "Layovers. Where we going ? What are we doing ? What’s the score here.? What’s next?? Aloha j #motherland #paymyrespects #payhomage #somebodyordersomefuckinggolfshoes."

Of course, it's led to speculation that somehow - and considering that production on 'Game of Thrones' eighth season is well underway - Khal Drogo will somehow make a return in the show's final season. Yeah, yeah, his body was burned on a pyre so his transformation into a White Walker is unlikely, to say the least... but could a flashback scene be on the cards?

Then again, he might just be messing with us all, or hanging out with old buddies - which he has done before.

See the pics below:


@homeofguinness HEAVEN. Big dumb animal in a candy shop. Aloha j

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