Last night's episode was the final glimpse at Sherif after producers took the unusual step of having him removed from the show.

Going by other reality shows, removal is often the last option and is only ever used in extreme cases. Of course, 'Love Island' isn't like 'Big Brother' where there's constant surveillance on the cast, nor do we have any specific idea what the rules for the show are.

Sherif featured for only the briefest of moments on last night's episode, edited out with apparent ease and without any reference as to what happened to him in the first place. All the statement from yesterday said was that Sherif left the villa after it was "mutually agreed" by both he and the producers.

Here's how Twitter took the news of, well, there being no news about what happened. Don't be in the least bit surprised if he ends up making a fortune on giving an interview about what happened in a day or two, though.

And if he fobs us off with some vague nonsense, by God...