It's the most popular reality show on television, but fans of 'Love Island' have been perplexed about why the show is on every day except Saturday.

Up until now, we had assumed that it was something to do with programming schedules, or perhaps a production decision designed to build anticipation.

However, former islander Kem Cetinay has revealed the real reason, and it's got nothing to do with either. In fact, the islanders get a day OFF every week, which allows them to leave the villa while it's being cleaned. During that time, they can go to the beach and do whatever they want without being filmed.

Cetinay told a flabbergasted Holly and Phil on 'This Morning' that once the mics were off, islanders weren't allowed to talk about the show or their relationships. Apparently, producers monitored them to make sure they didn't break the rules. But still... who knows what alliances could be formed during that day off? Who knows what secret code words have been developed?

We feel cheated.