After one of the best versions of the 'Toy Show' in many years, all that we can talk about is the alleged "F bomb" that Ryan dropped on Friday night. Well that, and all of the magical children who stole our hearts.

And so, it turns out that Ryan Tubridy really didn't drop "F*ck" on the 'Toy Show' after all. According to the host, it was another expletive that came out of his mouth following the bottle of Fanta that exploded everywhere. Were the Oompa Loompas involved in the incident? Let's hear what he had to say.

"The truth of the matter is, people thought it was an 'F bomb' it wasn’t, strangely, it was a 'B bomb'. You have to listen carefully, it probably rhymes with a word like 'pollocks' rather than anything else.

"I opened the bottle and it went everywhere I still don’t know, we love to have a tribunal of inquiry as to whether the bottle was shaken by somebody stirring it up behind the scenes, I don’t know, or maybe the bottle was just flung in," he said on his morning radio slot earlier today.

It seems that although the moment lives on in various meme and videos scattered across the internet, the moment has been cut from the playback version. Yep, anyone who will be hoping to catch the slip-up once again on the RTE Player will be disappointed, as the moment has been removed.

RTE announced that more than €6.4 million was raised for much-needed children's charities on Friday night, much more than the initial €5 million which was raised on Friday night.

What do you make of it all then? We reckon it's time for our 157th re-watch of this glorious live 'Toy Show' moment...