As it has been, so shall it always be - last night's 'Late Late Toy Show' was a blockbuster across Twitter, pushing our weird little national institution to the very top of the trending topics on Twitter globally.

As you'd expect, the show's theme came up for discussion, not to mention some of the celebrity cameos, a toy called Polly Protestant (?!), an over-sized glass of Fanta, and of course, Ryan Tubridy keeping the whole thing on the road.

Here's a rundown of the best tweets on the night. We'll have a review of last night's show once we've emotionally recovered.


To be fair, it's only been a day and already, Commander Hadfield is working on it - as is the Irish Embassy in the US.



The on-the-fly Photoshop skills, once again, are incredible.



If you cried, you cried with three-quarters of the nation last night.



Dr. Holohan hasn't yet tested the efficacy of rock as a treatment, but let's keep an open mind, though?



Adam, little man, you became a star last night. That's better than an astronaut.



Honestly, what is it? Do we spend the rest of the year walled-off emotionally so we can have these outpourings?



Club Orange did not come to play this year.



All this moment needed was a quick cutaway to Creed Bratton spinning in his chair or Dwight staring angrily at the children.



Not for another 364 days, anyway.



What a night.