A further moving, must-watch documentary will air tonight on RTE One.

The new 'RTE Investigates' documentary will look at the future of the Irish healthcare system in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hour-long documentary is set to feature personal stories from both patients and staff at Dublin's St. James' Hospital.

In recent months, the world has been shook by the deadly virus, and how the delivery of the Irish healthcare system has radically changed will be cast into the spotlight on TV tonight. These changes will significantly impact on present and future patients and staff alike.

This episode comes in the wake of the previous 'RTE Investigates' documentary 'Inside Ireland's Covid Battle', which looked at the realities any hospitals across the country have already faced in tackling the virus.

Here's a clip from tonight's 'RTE Investigates' documentary below, which features a woman named Elaine, who is is receiving chemo for her has acute leukaemia.

Speaking to the production team, Elaine says of her time at St. James' these past few months: "The fact of not being able to have visitors, just missing the  human contact, you are given this awful diagnosis and you can’t get a hug, someone can’t even hold your hand and you’ve to pull yourself back together so that  you can get through it."

'RTE Investigates' on the future of Irish healthcare will air tonight at 9.35pm on RTE One