Well, that's another series of 'Room to Improve' done and dusted. Yes, really.

Despite it being one of RTE's biggest (if not the biggest) shows, this series was only six episodes long. *waves fists at sky* It's simply not enough, lads.

Dermot went out with a bang last night, however, with Dublin couple Gustav and Glenn, who were doing up their house in Drumcondra for their young son and two dogs.

They had a very clear vision of what they wanted - i.e. a waist-level dishwasher ("but... but... the doors?!"), wallpaper in the bathroom, a sofa shaped like a pair of lips - that sent Dermot into a tailspin. We can't say that we disagreed with him, either.

As always, however, it turned out grand in the end.

See below for what people had to say...

What are we supposed to do on Sunday nights now? Talk to each other, instead of bitching on Twitter?

But we'll never forget Joe and Mary.