Red and Kitty Foreman from 'That '70s Show' are up there as some of the most well-known TV parents out there.

Everyone either had a Red Foreman for a dad, or knew someone who had one. The same goes for Kitty Foreman and her now-iconic laugh which, let's face it, was masking a lot of issues. Anyway, Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp - the actors who played Red and Kitty - are set to reunite as put-upon parents once again for a new TV series.

The as-yet untitled series sees comedian Nate Bargatze and his on-screen wife, Katie Aselton, leave California and return to Tennessee where his parents still live. As you'd expect, returning to his hometown where his parents - Smith and Rupp - still live doesn't prove to be all that simple.

The pilot episode is to be directed by Drew Goddard, who previously worked on 'The Good Place', and while there's no word yet on how the series will screen over on this side of the Atlantic, it's still cool all the same to see Red and Kitty back in action together again.

After all, the dynamic between them produced one of the most hilariously awkward moments in TV history. Everyone, everywhere hid behind their hands during this.