Maybe they were just hanging out, in the street, the same old things they did last week.

Not a thing to do, except talk to you... THEY'RE ALL RIGHT, THEY'RE ALL RIGHT... HELLO WISCONSIN.

Had to follow that through to its logical conclusion. The cast of That '70s Show - sans Topher Grace, better known as Eric Foreman - reunited for no particular reason the other day, with said reunion captured by Laura Prepon on her Instagram.

In fairness, the whole gang have kept in contact with one another pretty regularly. Kelso and Jackie - Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis - are now married to one another. What's more, Hyde - that's Danny Masterson in real life - stars in the Netflix series The Ranch with Kutcher.

Donna / Laura Prepon, as we know, is now in prison / Orange Is The New Black with fellow '00s throwbacks Natasha Lyonne and Jason Biggs. Fez / Wilmer Valderrama, meanwhile, is starring in a popular children's animated series called Handy Manny and had a guest role in Grey's Anatomy too.

So, where was Foreman for this photo? Maybe he was hanging out with Kitty and Red. Red Foreman, by the way, was the real star of That '70s Show. 


Via Instagram