That's right, motherforkers - 'The Good Place' is coming to an end with its fourth season.

In an unusual move for an American TV comedy series, 'The Good Place' is wrapping things up with the upcoming season. To be fair, it's something that has been teased by showrunner Mike Schur numerous times, so it's not entirely out of nowhere.

Per THR, Schur explained his reasons for rolling up the series with four seasons. "I didn't feel like it needed to be definitive but I needed to have a sense of how long I thought the idea could sustain itself. I came to the conclusion pretty quickly that it was four seasons," said Schur.

As well as this, Schur also told the actors that he was planning to wrap up the series with the fourth season almost a year out, as it would allow them to take on work rather than springing it on them the week before the season ends.

"That's what happens when you do a show about ethics, you start thinking all the time about everybody else's lives in a really good way. It would maybe benefit me, personally, to do things this way but it will hurt everybody else. It's a very simple utilitarian calculation that there are other people involved here and they have every right to know what their futures are."

The fourth season will have 14 episodes, with an hour-long final episode that will wrap everything up in 'The Good Place' once and for all. The fourth season of 'The Good Place' begins some time later this year.