Fans of 'The Good Place' know that Jameela Jamil's character, Tahani, is constantly trying to live up to her sister's accomplishments.

In fact, a recurring joke in the series has Tahani misidentified with her sister, Kamilah, and E! decided to take it a step forward with last night's Golden Globes red carpet coverage.

When Jameela Jamil appeared for photos on the carpet, this was the chyron under her.

That's right, they actually threw a deep-cut reference to 'The Good Place' into the middle of their live coverage. Needless to say, the moment caught Twitter's attention and even reached Jameela Jamil, who seemed to take the whole thing in the spirit it was meant.

Was the chyron writer for E! in fact a demon from the Bad Place? Is E! actually the Bad Place? Who knows.