The popularity of 'Love Island' just keeps growing and growing.

Last night's episode of the reality series had audiences more hooked than ever. The girls who'd headed to Casa Amor returned to the 'Love Island' villa.

Some returned with new beaus. Others happily reunited with their original boy.

One - namely Amber - was left heartbroken upon seeing her boy re-coupled.

It feels like the show has been going on forever. In actual fact, we're about 26 episodes (over 4 and a half weeks) in at this point.

With last year's series lasting 49 episodes, we can safely assume we're around or past the midway point by now. Thus we've made a quiz to test your knowledge of the show so far.

Who of you and your friends is the biggest 'Love Island' fan? Tag your friends and share your scores - no Googling or cheating allowed!