Oooooohhhhh, boy.

If you've watched 'Love Island' over the past few days, you'll be well aware of what was inevitably going to go down in last night's episode.

Michael disappointed many of the show's fans by choosing to recouple with Joanna, making Amber - who had chosen to stay loyal to him - newly-single.

Given Amber's general demeanour and tendency to fly off the handle at the smallest thing, it was clear that she was not going to be a happy camper. Well, who would be, in fairness? And while we may have to wait until tonight to see her full reaction, the taster that we got will have us counting down the minutes until 9pm tonight.

They may have made us wait until the very end of the recoupling for the most dramatic one (apart from Curtis and Amy, that is), but it was 100% worth it for the look on Amber's face. 'Daggers' doesn't come close to describing it.

The general consensus is that people are not one bit impressed with Michael - especially those who are claiming that Anna has no right to be angry at him, considering she did the same thing to Jordan...

Others, however, feel that he was well within his rights to make the decision - and that his forthcoming berating at the hands of Amber and Anna is unnecessary...

And some, like us, were just amused by the whole thing.