Casa Amor is notoriously a drama-filled time on 'Love Island' and it promises to be no different this summer. Already heads are turning, particularly back in the main villa, where even Curtis is starting to have doubts. Fans are most annoyed at Michael however, who looks like he may ditch Amber for one of the new girls.

Michael and Amber have been coupled up for most of the series so far, and though they had a few bumps, many were already saying they could be this year's winners. However, since Amber went off to Casa Amor, Michael has been telling anyone who would listen that he feels he has to tiptoe around Amber and finds her very immature at times.

Alright Michael, we get you want to crack on with Joanna but stop stepping all over Amber in the process. Amber, by the way, looks like she is remaining loyal over to Casa Amor.

Sigh. This is Georgia and Josh all over again.


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