Last night's episode of 'Love Island' was absolutely its juiciest yet.

In the latter half, the 'Love Island' villa and Casa Amor inhabitants were reunited for a recoupling.

Loyalties were abandoned and hearts were broken. The kind of drama most of us live for, really.

To remind you of who's with who - Danny's now with Jourdan, Anton's now with Belle, Curtis recoupled with Amy, and Tommy recoupled with Molly-Mae.

Then Lucie coupled up with George, Maura coupled up with Marvin, Anna coupled up with Ovie, and Michael coupled up with Joanna. Because Jordan decided to stick with Anna and she recoupled, Jordan is now single. Same goes for Amber after sticking loyal to Michael.

Here were the best reactions to the recoupling caught on camera.


There was the complete and utter guilt of Curtis as he admits his head was turned.



And let's take a moment for some Anton appreciation. The guy had such a big grin on his face seeing Maura and Lucie happily coupled up with new guys. He just wants everyone to be happy and we're hoping he'll be the same with new girl Belle.

Love Island Anton


Unlike Tommy - why did he look so stony faced when Lucie came back with George?? Some people just can't be happy for one another.


ESPECIALLY given the happy tears Lucie had for him and Molly Mae when they were reunited. So sweet.


Molly Mae herself was in bits seeing Tommy had stuck loyal to her. It was very hard not to cry at this point.


And then there was a whole wealth of facial expressions from Maura as Curtis made that speech about his head turning. That girl is all drama and we heart her for it.


And the way Michael and Jourdan could barely contain their smiles when Amy came back pouring her soul to Curtis after what he'd said. The jerks...


Mind you nothing can compare to Amber being piiiiiiissed after Michael recoupled.


Except for maybe Anna being just as pissed and Amy's total shock at Michael's decision. Tonight's episode is going to be explosive.


'Love Island' continues on Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm.