For the first time since its announcement, plot details surrounding the as-yet untitled 'Picard' series have been revealed.

Speaking to THR, Alex Kurtzman revealed that there's a direct link between the 'Picard' series and 2009's 'Star Trek'. "Picard's life was radically altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire," Kurtzman told THR, who were one of the recurring villains of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' and the movies that followed.

2009's 'Star Trek' involved Spock failing to save the Romulans from a cataclysm that destroyed their home planet, which prompted Eric Bana's character to travel back in time and disrupt the events, thus putting the rebooted movies on a completely separate path from the '60s TV series.

All that complicated stuff aside, Kurtzman said that Patrick Stewart's challenge to the writers of the series was simple - but huge. "He threw down an amazing gauntlet and said, 'If we do this, I want it to be so different, I want it to be both what people remember but also not what they're expecting at all, otherwise why do it?'", said Kurtzman.

A 34-page pitch was sent to Stewart, who then "walked into the room and he had a huge smile on his face and said, 'This is wonderful'... What he understood at that point... was that he was with people who desperately wanted to collaborate with him, that we weren't trying to exploit him. He knew if he was going to go back to Picard, it needed to be for the greatest reason ever."

No air date has been set for the series.