With it now confirmed that Patrick Stewart is returning to the role of Jean-Luc Picard for a new series, it's time we all brushed up on our 'Next Generation' trivia.

Running from 1987 until 1994, 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' managed to revitalise the franchise after years away from television. It's funny to think just how many in the press believed that it would flop, as did the cast themselves. Indeed, Patrick Stewart admitted that he signed on to play the role primarily because he didn't think it would last all that long.

The series became such a success that it spawned two separate spin-offs in the same universe and several films after its run on television, as well as introducing . So how well do you remember 'The Next Generation'?

As always, no Googling, no checking Memory Alpha and don't forget to post your scores in the comments!