Jean-Luc Picard will return to your television screen in late 2019, if not sooner.

The series, which will pick up some 20-odd years after 'The Next Generation', was confirmed a 2019 airdate by TheWrap this week at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference by David Nevins, CBS' chief creative officer.

Details have been frustratingly light on the series, but it is known that a writer's team has been assembled with names like Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon, and Akiva Goldsman attached. As of now, there isn't even an official title for the series.

'Picard' is one of three new 'Star Trek' series headed to screens in 2019, with the second season of 'Star Trek: Discovery' arriving in January 17th, whilst an animated series - 'Lower Decks' - is also planned.

Much like 'Star Trek: Discovery', the 'Picard' series will most likely end up on Netflix with some footage or imagery expected in the coming months.