This year's series of 'Love Island' has faced more accusations of being scripted than any other, and after last night it's not difficult to see why - because how on earth could someone be so clueless?

Michael is either hell-bent on restoring his public image, or he really is more deluded than we first thought.

After a dramatic few days that saw him lose his other half Joanna after she was dumped, he then made it clear (in the bluntest manner) that things were over with Amber.

However, last night saw him do an about-turn and decide that in fact, he may still have feelings for Amber after all. After she'd gone on a date with Irish lad Greg. And after he'd realised (courtesy of Belle) that Joanna wouldn't be taking him back after he'd failed to follow her out. Convenient.

Needless to say, the general viewing public were having none of it...