Oh, Michael. Where did it all go wrong?

The Liverpudlian firefighter seemed like one of the nice guys in the early days of the 'Love Island' villa, but he has quickly made himself Public Enemy Number One in recent weeks.

There's nothing wrong with recoupling if he wasn't happy with Amber, of course, but his actions on last night's episode did nothing for his public image.

After Joanna was voted off by her fellow islanders, Michael made the mistake of saying that he had 'Found everything he was looking for' in Joanna, yet also failed to follow her out the door. His excuse? He wanted to 'enjoy the rest of [his] time' in the villa (?!)

Needless to say, this irked both Joanna (who called him a 'f**king snake') and Amber, who had only just told him that she still had feelings for him.

On top of that, the way he later spoke to Amber in his misguided attempt to be blunt with her (telling her to 'Sit down'), didn't go down well with viewers at aaaaaaaall...