While the 'Love Island' couples are all dropping like flies, one couple that's stayed strong has naturally been the winners - Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham.

While things appear to be progressing well for the victorious couple, they're clearly not at the stage where marriage is on the table - or so you might have thought. Apparently, this morning saw Jack and Dani on Capital FM taking part in a setup which saw the couple take part in a faked marriage proposal.

News of the proposal spread across Twitter, however Dani Dyer moved quickly debunk rumours before they caught hold - even though Capital FM was putting out news stories like it was the real deal.

Naturally enough, the fake proposal didn't exactly land well with the listening public and was quickly branded as "a pathetic stunt" by some. Here's some of the hostile Twitter reaction.

Just goes to show you, never believe what you hear on breakfast radio - even if it is something you desperately want to hear.