As you've probably aware, we're an entertainment news website.

While we might delve into politics by way of television, movies or music, we're not exactly the type of place that would go into deep, political articles about the paralysis of the British government in handling Brexit, or how Irish-Anglo relations are on a knife edge at the minute. There's plenty of other places you can go for that kind of thing.

However, when you see this kind of lucid explanation on the topic - by Nicola Coughlan from 'Derry Girls', no less - it bears scrutiny. Not only that, using 'Love Island' as a metaphor means we basically have to acknowledge it. The fact is that, yes, Great Britain's exit from the European Union is comparable Michael returning from Casa Amour, whilst Ireland is Amber in this situation.

The metaphor holds when you examine how the relationship deteriorated with Michael and Joanna (or Brexit, in this situation) while Amber's happy out with Greg (or the European Union, in this situation). In future, please utilise reality television and pop culture for analogy and metaphor in order to explain complex geopolitical scenarios in the future. It's the only way we're going to learn anything.

Really though, this is an incredibly lucid analogy of what's basically an ongoing sh*t-show, so we may as well laugh as Great Britain slowly descends into utter chaos.