Week after week 'Derry Girls' has been proving a hit with viewers but last night's episode may just be our favourite.

Once again the show seamlessly tied in the events of The Troubles in Northern Ireland into the show's storyline, as a broken television meant that Ma Mary and aunt Sarah missed the all-important announcement that a ceasefire had been declared in the monumental Good Friday Agreement.

There were absolute scenes on the streets of Derry with the celebrations, while the girls and the wee English fella were unaware of it all living out the movie 'Carrie' at their school prom.

It was a fantastic episode filled with its usual mix of sharp one-liners and a perfectly timed reminder of just how significant the IRA ceasefire was, almost 21 years to the day after it happened.



Oh and while we have you, Erin and James anyone? We could totally get on board with this.


'Derry Girls' returns for its final episode (*sob*) of season 2 next Tuesday at the earlier time of 9pm.